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Streamline Your E-Commerce Operations

Optimize your supply chain, order flow and logistics for maximum operational success by working with the  fractional operations consultants SullyGarman.

We will create a custom CPG fulfillment and operations plan that is unique to your brand’s capabilities and goals.

Partner with Kathleen, she will help you get to success.

— Christopher Pagel, Pipe17 Product Management

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Problems Solved

Whether you’re operating on multiple sales platforms for both retail and consumer sales or focused on your warehouse relationships, we will help create an operations plan that is scalable. Embracing and finding solutions is our superpower.

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Growth & Innovation

We understand that e-commerce operations is a moving target. SullyGarman will focus on bringing structure, process, and optimization to your inventory management, supply chain, reverse logistics, reporting and analytics, plus much more.

Some Of Our Clients

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Kathleen SullyGarman
Kathleen SullyGarman

E-Commerce Consultant Expert

Optimize Your E-Commerce Operations

Optimize Your E-Commerce Operations

  • A bottom-line foundation

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Sales and marketing drive revenue, which puts pressure on your operations. Setting a solid foundation with efficient systems and strong relationships will enable you to back up your revenue drivers with strong follow-through ensures your customer are satisfied.

We Build Relationships

We make sure things work and when they don’t we fix them by prioritizing, managing, and successfully driving fixes.

We’re Versatile

Whether you’re looking for a new 3PL warehouse, need help getting SKU’s and UPC codes set up or need your supply chain fined tuned — we have the knowledge and experience to get it done.

Kathleen and her team worked with us on a complicated RFP to find a new 3PL Warehouse. The tools they implemented were thorough and helped us to make the transition of product as well as redirection of our EDI orders, our multiple D2C stores and our inbound shipments. They worked on full integration of sales channels to ensure that orders, product catalog and inventory were correctly syncing with the warehouse.

They also oversaw the EDI connectivity to create minimal impact to our business during the move. They coordinated the logistics of moving our goods from our previous warehouse to the new one and supervised the inbound procedure upon arrival to confirm the inventory was properly allocated. Kathleen also personally trained our team in how to utilize the tools so we could continue to operate smoothly after their work was complete.

— Lisa Shaffer, Anna New York

Knowledge Base: Advice and Information on E-Commerce Operations

Let’s Make Things Happen

Reach out and let’s have a conversation. As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

“Kathleen came in and expertly implemented innovative changes to transform the business operations. She handled everything from choosing a fulfillment house, to managing data, and streamlining order processing.”

Beccah Stains

FinalStraw VP of Sales

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

Fractional Operations Consultant for E-Commerce Success

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