SullyGarman will help you adapt to changing environments in supply chain and logistics, and help define a strategy for the movement of goods.

Whether you’re operating on multiple sales platforms for both retail and consumer sales or focused on your warehouse relationships, we will help you create an operation that is scalable while mitigating cross-channel conflicts.

Kathleen helps us navigate the complexity of our supply chain and imports as well as our relationships with vendors, clients and our partner utilities. We are able to maximize savings for our company and for our clients as a result of efficiencies and tools that her team has implemented. Ask her about a daily ‘Shopify Sweep’, it’s been a game changer for us.

— Kevin Sullivan, CEO, Forever Green Indoors

Operational Efficiencies

We embrace finding solutions and implementing innovative systems for bottom-line growth and profitability.


We understand operations, in all it’s forms for e-commerce.


We are ready for, and excited to solve your operational challenges.


 Growth and innovation is our driver, and efficiency is the goal.

Areas Where We Can Help

SullyGarman works with small to mid sized e-commerce companies and helps create operational structure for greater profitability and growth. Short and long-term contracts are available.

  • Identify what needs to be included in PO’s (purchase orders) to manufacturer
    Identify compliance for inbound to warehouse to make sure products get set up properly in warehouse systems
  • BOM (Bill of materials) for use in PO generation
    • Consolidated BOM for shipping
  • Design packing structure
  • Design PO requirements including BOM, deadlines, quantities, packing structure
  • Freight In
    • Determine carrier, lead time, cost, risks
    • Manage shipments, coordinate with forecasting
    • Fulfillment
  • Monitor and maintain current inventory levels in coordination with buyers,
  • Process purchasing orders
  • Track orders and investigate any supply chain issues (out-of-stock, delayed shipments, etc.).
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with suppliers and co-manufacturers, building out processes and support for scale.
  • Lead all aspects of B2B/Wholesale supply chain operations.
  • Creating Master SKU (stock keeping Unit, shorthand for product name) lists
  • Coordinating SKU/UPC (universal product code-barcode) across sales channels and warehouse
  • Manage UPC code process
  • Adding new sales channels, need to get things connected to warehouse for fulfillment. We can help get your integration set up and getting onboarded with the channels or warehouse
  • Helping customer service get clear direction on returns, warranty and order flow issues
  • Problem solve and trouble shoot before customer is aware of issues
  • Identify inventory issues, stock outs, forecasting
  • Manage HTS (harmonized tariff) code for imports
  • Manage ACE portal account (US govt portal for importers)
  • Manage manifest confidentiality application
  • Manage customs broker
  • Determine tariff impact + mitigation strategy
  • Act as the primary point of contact to successfully engage and manage our 3PLs.
    • Research and select a fulfillment partner
    • Determine logistics specific to partner selection (warehouse location, etc.)
    • Manage 3PL API for data flow
    • Manage sales channel integration
    • Oversight of: Weekly and monthly reporting and inventory reconciliation | Production planning | Order management and fulfillment | ERP installation, integration, and ongoing maintenance | EDI management
  • Run shipping pilot for early testers + influencers/media samples
  • Analyze shipping costs per carrier and timeline
  • Implement tools for excellent COGS visibility
  • Demand forecasting
  • Own all of the partner relations from packaging to carriers.
  • Draft and own strategic plan to scale the operation
  • Work cross-functionally with finance, marketing, growth, sales, and commercialization.

Kathleen is an empowering leader — some of the work I am most proud of, I did under Kathleen’s direction.

— Daphne Armstrong, Remaker Labs

Some Of Our Clients

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“Kathleen came in and expertly implemented innovative changes to transform the business operations. She handled everything from choosing a fulfillment house, to managing data, and streamlining order processing.”

Beccah Stains

FinalStraw VP of Sales

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

Fractional Operations Consultant for E-Commerce Success

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