Why SullyGarman?

With our decades of experience, you can back up your strength in sales and marketing with equally strong operations processes. Setting a solid foundation with efficient systems and strong relationships sets your business up for success.


Navigate the choices in vendors to fit you with the right partners. We’re a team. Your success is our success.

Future Planning

Develop roadmaps, processes and best practices.



You are always in the communication loop and updates are given on a regular basis. Your questions are always welcome.

We did not get to where we are today overnight. SullyGarman works with retailers, brands, distributors, warehouses, technology providers, logistics teams and others on your behalf. Our clients benefit from our experience and we teach you how to implement these processes going forward.

Innovation – Kathleen constantly had great ideas for how we (as a PM team) could improve the product. They were always aligned to what matters most in a small company.

— Christopher Pagel, Pipe17 Product Management

We Build Relationships

We will get to know the complexities and nuances of your business and make sure things work. When they don’t, we fix them by prioritizing, managing, and successfully driving fixes.

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We’re Versatile

Whether you’re looking for a new 3PL warehouse, need help getting SKU’s and UPC codes set up or need your supply chain fined tuned — we have the knowledge and experience to get it done.

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I Want Your Business to Succeed

With 20+ years of experience in operational efficiencies for businesses, I have worked in a variety of environments, and can bring that experience to bear in analyzing operational needs and what should be done to make sure orders and fulfillments are flowing properly.

  • Expertise in navigating inbound manufacturing relationships, international customs processes
  • E-commerce order flow assistance to create a seamless and efficient order processing timeline
  • Expertise in navigating the complex world of logistics and getting the products out to the customers.

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

Meet Kathleen, CEO

I work with companies to create operational efficiencies for both their B2B and D2C sales channels.

Embracing and finding solutions to problems is my superpower.

Some Of Our Clients

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Final Straw
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Quantifiable Results

Successes some our past consulting clients have enjoyed

  • Reduced inbound freight fees by 53%

  • Reduced outbound shipping fees by 63%
  • Reduced OTS avg from 6 days to >24 hours.

  • Created efficiencies in inventory turn rates from 9.2 to 5.7

  • IP: Secured 8 US patents on business processes and software
  • Reduced OTD avg by 6 days

  • Reduced inbound customer service issues related to order processing by 83%

  • Reduction in customs fees (5%)

  • Reduction in customs clearance delays (2 days)

  • Delivered over $282M in savings for clients

Knowledge Base: Advice and Information on E-Commerce Operations

Let’s Make Things Happen

Reach out and let’s have a conversation. As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

“Kathleen came in and expertly implemented innovative changes to transform the business operations. She handled everything from choosing a fulfillment house, to managing data, and streamlining order processing.”

Beccah Stains

FinalStraw VP of Sales

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

Fractional Operations Consultant for E-Commerce Success

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